Duplex Stainless Steel

Understand the specifications of our Duplex Stainless Steel

Product Types

  • Plate
  • Bar
  • Sheet
  • Tubing
  • Pipe
  • Wire

UNS S31803(F51)

This alloy presents higher mechanical and corrosion resistance properties than duplex 22 Cr stainless steels. Its yield strength is about twice that of standard austenitic grades and well in excess of that of nitrogen alloyed austenitics. Operation temperature of UR 45 N+ is generally limited from -50°C to 280°C (- 58°F to 536°F). Lower temperature used particularly for welded structures may also be considered, but needs technical background.

UNS S32750(F53)

Super duplex stainless steel with 25% Cr. The minimum guaranteed yield strength is 550 MPa which allows the designer to reduce weigh. The molybdenum and nitrogen additions have been optimized in order to obtain the best corrosion resistance properties even for heavy plates. It is designed for service in severe corrosive conditions. The alloy is particularly resistant to stress corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion. Is a cost efficient grade designed for Oil & Gas industry, Seawater applications, Desalination plants, Geothermal wells or Refineries and Petrochemical plants.

UNS S32760(F55)

Wet corrosion resistance and general service.

UNS S32550

Excellent seawater corrosion resistance combined with nearly twice the strength of common stainless steels, Offshore piping systems, couplings. Centrifuge, dewatering equipment. Pump, valve trim, pulp digesters.