Stainless Steel

Understand the specifications of our Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Grade 201 / 304 / 310 / 316 / 321
Mill Finish: 2B / BA
Hardness: 1/4H, 1/2H, FH
Titanium Coated Color Sheet
Hairline / Mirror / Satin / Bead Blast / Etching / Vibration / Embossed / Textured
Surface: Anti-Fingerprint / Anti-Scratches
Size: Max 1524mm x 3048mm
Thickness: 0.3mm ~ 3.0mm

Product Types

  • Coil
  • Sheet
  • Plate
  • Bar
  • Pipe
  • Wire

SUS 201

A Stainless Steel for wet corrosion resistance and general service.

SUS 301

Cold work hardening steel suitable for manufacture of springs, operating in corrosive conditions.

SUS 303

Good general corrosion resistance. Where machinability is required - threaded bar, studs, domestic appliances.

SUS 304 / SUS 304L

General purpose steel with good corrosion resistance. Wide variety of applications in construction, chemical, petroleum, automobile, and domestic appliances.

SUS 310

Standardized high-temperature steel for use at temperatures up to 1100°C in dry air. Heat and creep resistance.

SUS 316 / SUS 316L

Molybdenum content increases resistance to marine environments. High creep strength at elevated temperatures and good heat resistance.

SUS 321

Good corrosion resistance and weldable. Resistant to sensitization. Application catalytic converter mesh.

SUS 410 (13Cr Stainless)

Martensitic stainless steel often utilized in valve bodies, bonnets, end and outlet connections and valve seat facings.

SUS 420 Mod (13Cr Stainless)

Martensitic stainless steel used in the hardened and double tempered condition. It is used extensively on completion in both bar and tubulars form, for structure and pressure containing. It has better hot working characteristics than SUS 410, less susceptible to cracking at heat treatment.

SUS 431 (17Cr Stainless)

Wet corrosion resistance and general services.

SUS 440

General purpose steel with excellent corrosion resistance, particularly in the presence of halides.

SUS 15-5PH

Martensitic, precipitative hardening (maraging), combining high strength and hardness with excellent corrosion resistance. Applications include valve parts, fittings and fasteners, shafts, gears, chemical process equipment, paper mill equipment, aircraft components and nuclear reactor components.

SUS 17-4PH

Martensitic precipitation/age-hardening stainless steel offering high strength and hardness along with excellent corrosion resistance. It has good fabricating characteristics and can be age hardened by a single-step, low temperature treatment. It has been used for a variety of applications including oil field valve parts, chemical process equipment, aircraft fittings, fasteners, pump shafts, nuclear reactor components, gears, paper mill equipment. When your applications calls for extensive machining of this alloy.